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COMFREY~Bocking 14

Curated Collections

Featuring sizes and Quantities that are just right for your gardening needs.

"Ready to Go" Comfrey Plants

Bare root cuttings can be temperamental. You can never be sure which ones will take and which ones won't. Also, it can take forever to find out if they are a "Hit" or a "Miss".

That is why you will love my "Ready to Go",  plants. Each plant has been lovingly coaxed into sprouting beautiful, healthy roots and are just waiting to take off growing in your garden. You can find beautiful plants that are just right for you, available now, on eBay and Etsy.

No Guess Bidding.

Best of all you will receive the exact plants seen in the listing that you bid on. No wondering what the cuttings or plants that you receive will look like, , ,

Will they be: Smaller than what you imagined? Buds on the cuttings in the picture, but non on the ones you receive. How long till the roots will show up?

Peace of Mind.

Because you have seen the exact plants you will be getting you  can place your order with piece of mind.

(These images are not for sale..)

** Please Note: These images are representative examples of the root systems which I have started on bare root cuttings or crown cuttings. Each listing will be different. When you purchase a listing you will receive the exact root cutting or crown cutting plants that are shown.