Welcome to the Mountain Fables Galley.

"Where Imagination Meets the Wild"

At the Mountain Fables Gallery you will find the answers to questions like ~ ~ ~

Just where is Mountain Fables? Who, besides Ms.. J, lives at Mountain Fables?  

Why is everything so outdoorsy? And - How do I get there?

Where is Mountain Fables?

Mountain Fables is a mythical place buried deep within my imagination! It is a frame of mind I enter when I take my walk. There are many real and imagined stories that awaken my creativity as I walk over a trail that is said to be an old road used in the 1800's. Often I pass interestingly twisted tree roots or leaf covered tree trunks with obvious "house holes" tunneling into or beneath them. Who lives there? Maybe the home of some small furry animal? Or, even more exciting, perhaps a fairy, a pixy, a gnome or a cute little mountain troll home! Like they always say... "If the trees and rocks could talk." (At least that's what we say around here.")

Every living plant, quiet rock, fallen branch or passing creature which lives within Mountain Fables has an artful beauty about it. Each provide inspiration for everything I do. Ms. J's Mountain lives in Mountain Fables.          

                                                                                                       Ms J

Some of the Holes Where Fables Live.

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