Our goal is to provide you with a

Safe and Controlled  Shopping



  • Use only Mountain Fables shop messaging systems to correspond with Mountain Fables.
  • Ask questions prior to making your purchase. We are here to help and don't mind answering any question you may have, even about special request concerning a purchase. Your communications are always welcome.


  • Shop while on public computers or while using public Wi FI networks when possible.
  • Communicate with anyone using the name Mountain Fables and seeking contact with you by using outside sources such as:

             *personal e-mail   *postal mail   *texting   *cell phones  *landline phones   

                             *social media   *virtual meetings  *in person meetings.

                    ***(Mountain Fables does not ever communicate using those methods.)

  • Make a purchase when you have questions about any details such as merchandise characteristics, shipping or any other thing that may seem trivial to you. 

Policy and Procedure


This site is an informational platform. All merchandise presented is shown as an example of the type of merchandise that is currently available at each Mountain Fables shop. To see exactly what merchandise selections are available during a particular time period you will need to browse each shop, as all of the plant items are curated in one of a kind groupings and each piece of artwork is an original, one of a kind piece of art. 

Each exclusive merchandise offering will be showcased and available for purchase only through the Mountain Fables Shops located at eBay or Etsy. 


Both Mountain Fables eBay and Mountain Fables Etsy accept PayPal at checkout to make it an easy, convenient and secure check out for you. 



To make your buying experience a pleasant, safe and secure one it is the policy of Mountain Fables to 

communicate only through each stores messaging system. You may contact us through the store messaging system where each individual product is being offered or where your purchases was made. 

Beware of scams. Mountain Fables will contact you only through the store's messaging system. We do not communicate through external e-mails (from this site or any other), through texting or through phone calls. *Do not respond to any attempts or requests to communicate through these external methods.



Communication time is a very important part of Mountain Fables. There is nothing worse, or more frustrating. than not being able to contact someone you are doing business with. Our goal is dependable communication. We strive to get back to your correspondence as quickly as possible. On the mountain cell phone service is virtually non-existent, so on very busy days when we are out and about we have to wait to get back to the computer to check messages. Just know that we are here and will make regular message checks and get back to you as soon as we see your message.  



Normal Conditions ~ Once payment is received it is our goal to ship as quickly as possible. Depending on the size order packing times vary, so an exact time is hard to give. Just know that I are working to get your eagerly awaited package to you as quickly as possible. 

Winter ~ Because Mountain Fables is in the "high country" and we have to go to the post office, the post office does not come to us, shipping times in the winter may vary depending on the weather, We will always message you and keep you aware of the situation,


  • USPS Priority Flat Rate Shipping.
  • Our rural post office closes at noon (12:00pm) so the time of day your payment is received will play a great part in the shipping time. Prompt payments are always appreciated.  

Shipping Locations:

  • Shipments may be sent to physical locations or to  post office boxes.
  • We will ship to all locations covered under the Priority Flat Rate program. If you are not sure about your location please message us and we will find out for you. ***Please Note: There may be individual listings that are not able to be shipped to certain states or locations. Any restrictions will be announced in the listing.

Plant Shipments: 

*** If you have purchased plants it is very important that you are able to receive and open them immediately.

All Flat Rate Priority mail comes with insurance and a tracking number, so your package's movement through the system and the arrival date will be readily assessable to you.

The trip is very stressful on the plants and they will greatly appreciate your warm, welcoming, greeting - topped off with a generous serving of water. 


A healthy plant is a happy plant, a happy plant makes for a happy customer, and a happy customer makes  me happy. No, more than happy - overjoyed! This happiness principle rings true with everything we sell at Mountain Fables. We want you to be overjoyed with your purchase when you receive it, no matter what it is.

If something is wrong and you are not overjoyed or much less even happy, message me immediately. I will work to take care of it, because when you are happy --- I am ecstatic 



* NO CASH RETURNS or REFUNDS. *Please ask all questions prior to buying.

  • I will, however, gladly replace plants that you are not satisficed with, with a plant of similar size. 
  • Buyer pays replacement shipping.
  • Photo of each bad plant required. (This is to help me understand what went wrong so that I can work on correcting the problem for future shipments.)


  • The reason I do not accept returns is that when I send the plants out to you they are in beautiful, healthy condition. Once they leave my hands I have no control over their well being. There are a myriad of things that can happen, all of which I have no control over. Things usually run smoothly but on occasion life happens and a problem arises. Problems can always be solved, so please contact me and let me know what is going on.   
  • I absolutely love raising my plants and enjoy all of their many benefits.  Because I want you to be happy and to experience the same joy, pleasure and use of a healthy plant I will gladly replace any problem plant with a plants of a similar size. Your happiness and satisfaction makes me happy, so please contact me with any problems ~ so that we can both be happy!   




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We do not share or sell any information pertaining to your interaction with Mountain Fable Shops. 

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Welcome to Mountain Fables, home and inspiration of all things nurtured and created by Ms. J. was inspired by the desire to:

First:    Thank customers for choosing my shops to fulfil their wants and needs.

Second: Provide companion information that will assist in the greater enjoyment and successful use of                   the item that you have purchased.

Third:   As a fun way to tell and show you what is new in each shop on the mountain.

Forth:   To show the materials and physical surrounding that influence and fuel Ms. J's creativity.

Fifth:   My goal is to make your visit a relaxing, fun and informative one, and to say ~ ~ ~