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Comfrey is a plant that takes time to mature into its ultimate potential. Once planted, depending on the size cutting you start with, it may take three to four years to be all that you are looking for it to be. In the long run it pays to start with a larger cutting that has a well established root system. You will see larger leaves sooner, both in size and in quantity. The roots will spread out and also reach down into the earth sooner than a bare root cutting that has to start from "scratch".

If you have a lot of ground to amend, a lot of animals to feed, a lot of bees to satisfy or even a lot of salve to make then you need the Professional Bundle. 

The accelerated growth which a  more mature plant offers is what you are looking for and you will find it times "21" in this workhorse of a bundle! That is because there are twenty-one (21) PLANTS (not bare root cuttings) in each bundle.

The Professional Bundle includes a variety of plant sizes: 

Professional Bundle

Comfrey Plant Sizes: (1)XXL * (8)XL * (6)L * (6) M 

Each with a heathy, happy root systems just waiting to hit the ground and take off growing.

Just a Click Away!!!

 There's still time to plant the comfrey that you meant to plant this spring/summer, but haven't gotten around to yet.

Bare root cuttings can be temperamental. You can never be sure which ones will take and which ones won't. That is why you will love my "Ready to Go - Pre Rooted Plants" cultivated from root and crown cuttings. 

I establish, or enhance, root systems on each cutting that I sell so that you don't have to wait weeks or months to see if your cutting is viable.

No worry. No guessing. Just immediate gratification!

Another plus: The listing photographs of the plants for sale are not stock photographs.

They are photographs of the exact plants that you will receive when you purchase that particular listing.

Plant your comfrey now!

Don't wait.

Get a jump on spring today.


All plants are very individual in character. At Mountain Fables you get to choose the plants with the characteristics that appeal to you. It is like being in a brick and mortar store. You can't feel or smell . . . .   But can see. You know exactly what you are getting. All of the plants that you receive in your bundle will be the exact ones that were shown in the listing you purchased.

Plants pictured are for sample purposes only and may not be available

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