Comfrey ~ Bocking 14

Symphytum x uplandicum


General Description:

Comfrey is a clumping perennial. In late spring bell shaped lavender flowers began to develop adding an extra splash of color to your garden and attracting a variety of pollinators. It grows to 3 or 4 feet tall. This variety does not produce seeds, it spreads by rhizomes. It is famous for it's deep root system which reach minerals unattainable by most plants.

Uses: Ornamental, Fertilizer, Mulch,, Medicinal, Animal Fodder, Pollinator Attractor. Throughout the ages Comfrey has been known as a super plant because of it's many exclusive properties and uses. It, therefore, is considered a "staple" / "go to" plant for both gardeners, farmers and homesteaders alike. Warning: Not for human consumption.

Visit Comfrey: Info ((The Book) for a detailed look at this amazing plant. To view (Comfrey ~ The Book) choose the tab on right. 

 How The Comfrey Plants Are Grown And Shipped.

Plants are propagated from crown divisions and root divisions. Great care is taken to make sure that each plant has established a healthy root system so that when it reaches your garden it is already thriving.    

The plants are shipped bare root, no dirt. The leaves are trimmed to help the plant maintain energy while in transit. 

There are many types of gardeners. All wanting their Comfrey for different reasons. Some need a small amount for small spaces and small projects.. Others desire larger quantities for greater spaces or for large projects. Whatever your needs, there is a collection of Comfrey plants that is just the right size for you. 

Professional Bundle


Orchardist. Homesteaders, Livestock Farmers, Herbal   Wholesale or Retail Producers of Salves and Oils, Bee Keepers, Large Pollinator Gardens.






Pollinator Garden

Orchardist. Homesteaders, Livestock Farmers, Herbal Salve and Oil  Wholesale or Retail  Producers, Bee Keepers. Large Pollinator Gardens.





Balcony Buddies

For Balcony Gardeners.




Dried Whole Leaves 

For small amounts of salve, oils, poultices and Comfrey "Tea" Fertilizer. Uncut. Not meant for human or animal consumption.